HEAD Ski kaciga VALERY white

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Najniža cijena unutar 30 dana od provedbe akcije =100,00€ / 753.45kn
Iznad 79,63€ platite do 12 rata, već od 6.67€ / 50kn
CONSTRUCTION: In-Mold Technology
SIZES: XS/S (52-55 cm), M/L (56-59 cm)
  • The shock absorbing inner EPS layer of this technology is injected into the hard outer polycarbonate layer to create a single comprehensive unit that provides perfect protection at a reduced weight.
  • Head 3D Fit allows an exact horizontal as well as vertical adjustment of the helmet to the shape of your head.
  • Thermal Ventilation is our automatic ventilation system which leads warm air away from the head to the outside without allowing any cold air to the inside.
  • The Venturi Effect creates the ideal inner helmet climate. It does so when air passing over the helmet draws out heat and moisture for the inner shell.
  • The soft Microfleece material of the Beanie Liner adapts perfectly to the head and thus avoids any bruises and the unpleasant entering of cold air. Molded-in mesh zones let heat and moisture escape to the outside and, together with the ventilation system, ensure a pleasant head climate.
  • Microfur is both warming and comfortable on the skin. As a helmet lining it creates the perfect fit and feel for all-day shredding.
  • The Neckgator provides comfort and warmth to the helmet wearer. It adds comfort, fit and excludes the elements.

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Model: HEAD Ski kaciga VALERY white

Tagovi:  HEAD Ski kaciga VALERY white

HEAD Ski kaciga VALERY white

VALERY nudi izvanrednu zaštitu glave na stazi. Naoružana Venturi Effect odzračivanjem, ergonomskom zaštitnom kopčom i ugodnim kapama za uši, ova kaciga pruža sigurnost i udobnost, dok naša ženska specifična Microfur podstava pruža dodatnu udobnost.


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